Explore These Brown Living Room Ideas For a Coziness with Pictures

    Look at your living room now and find whether it has been old or not, then renewing it by the brown living room ideas is the best way to make it look new, cozy and amazing all together. Though a living room is not one of the most visited areas in the house, most families are gathering there either to meet the guests, enjoy family time, or even for reading books or newspapers.

    This time, we are going to share with you some points dealing with the idea of applying brown for your living room including why it must be brown, what to do to start with the ideas, and what to add for the whole complements of the brown living room. Let’s just have a read on the following review sections right now!

    Why You Must Choose Brown

    Naturally, brown is a versatile color either the dark brown or the light one. Once I was told that brown is much associated with intelligence. Is it representing an intelligence? Well, it was an opinion. Todays, brown is widely used for homes with minimalist designs. Both pure brown and brown with other color combinations are nice to look at. Brown doesn’t only mean an intelligence but also a coziness that works out in any type of room, office, or commercial business space.

    If you want to start browning your living room now, stay with us.

    Decide How Brown

    To start with brown living room ideas, the first thing to figure out is to decide how brown you will go with the paint. Painting the wall brown is probably the first thing to get started. But deciding how brown is the prior one. Typically, the options include dark brown, light brown, orange brownish, and even brown with the combination. Decide also which areas you want to paint in brown, all living room wall areas or just two walls instead.


    Brown Living Room Ideas Options

    Decorating with Woods

    After painting the living room in brown, the next idea to figure out is what to do to decorate the room. In this regard, decorating with woods can be the perfect idea to apply. Since brown is very much suitable for rustic or earthy design, adding wooden decorative items can add the feel of the brown design. If the living room uses deep woods and red brick, add the wooden wall-mounted rack, wooden photo frames, and a wooden table for a table lamp in the living room. This is how you transform your old-design living room into a cozy brown living room with rustic styles that will never be out of fashion.

    Despite the brown color, the wood decoration will never make the living room dark or uninviting. Believe it or not, anyone will feel enjoy the coziness of the living room. Furthermore, the accompanying white walls will actually keep the room light and airy. This is another addition to the brown living room ideas you can try.

    the brown living room ideas you can try

    amandamhamman via Instagram

    Applying Moody Décor

    Too dark colors may be worrying but moody décor many not. Moody décor is perfect to create a dramatic and cozy interior and set in for a movie. Moody décor is good to create a moody space along with the few hints of pastels to keep the space light. It is one of the dark brown living room ideas you can find out there. Well, once you look at some living room style with brown moody décor, you will never feel worried too much about being overwhelmed.

    brown moody décor

    Marie Schutzer via Instagram

    Using Country Chic Design

    Have you ever seen a shabby chic design scheme over a living room? It is just one of the best ways to use brown in home décor, creating a cozy living room with a monochromatic style but offering many different kinds of textures and patterns. People associate this chic design with the cream and brown living room ideas due to the fact that cream color is used for a nice combination in creating the chic design. Thus, the living room looks interesting and appealing visually.

    Country Chic Design Living Room

    Ashley HomeStore via Pinterest

    The country chic design uses also some lighter shades of brown such as tans and beiges which are mixed in patterns. It is aimed to avoid the blend feel in the living room. Thus, the loving brown design is not as limited as you may think of. If you love chic design, then you can simply design your living room with the country’s chic design in brown. This is quite possible.

    Trying Red Brown

    Other brown living room ideas to try are the red-brown. Remember, brown comes in so many different shades and tints that make it always great to consider. A reddish hue is one of the perfect options to add a bit color to a neutral room. Besides, red-brown also provides you with a direction when you want to add accent colors and create a color scheme. This is how the design helps you focus on the rest of the décor.

    Red Brown Living Room Ideas

    Home Stratosphere via Pinterest

    What’s more about red-brown?

    Red-brown offers warm shades with strong undertones along with the bolder colors to create a sense of depth that may make the space unexpected and so inviting. A wooden brown vase with cactus placed beside a wooden table in white is the perfect addition to the red-brown living room design.

    Choosing Espresso Brown

    Espresso Brown Living Room Picture

    Jerome’s Furniture via Pinterest

    For a more unique and playful living room, espresso brown is very much considerable. Combine the espresso brown with the few hints of mustard yellow and pale pinks throughout the room to create such a beautiful and adorable brown living room.

    As one of the best recommended brown living room ideas, espresso brown offers a rich chocolate brown to add the feel of richness and elegance into space while it is still maintaining softness and coziness.

    Don’t forget to add more wooden decorative items such as a large mirror with a wooden frame, wooden photo frames, wooden chairs with cushions, and other wall decorative items.

    Will the flooring that looks like wood match the brown living room design?

    Yes, it will. It will make the room looks natural.

    Can I combine brown with another color for painting the wall?

    Yes, you can. White and gray are often good to pick up.

    What kinds of room décor are suiting the brown living room?

    Wooden table lamps, wooden wall-mounted hangers, wooden photo frames, and wooden chairs with cushions.

    Is brown living room design always associated with the rustic style?

    No, it is not always. You can even give a modern touch to the living room, for instance, by adding the glamorous sofa.

    Can I add a vase with branches in the corner of the room?

    Of course, you can. Just choose the one which is not too big to make your living room looks like a life.


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