5 Best Inspiring Peacock Décor For Living Room with Pictures

    Do you think that it is impossible to apply peacock décor for the living room? You are totally wrong. Todays’ designs are free and even unlimited. You can even capture the majestic beauty of peacock on painting and bring it to a wall display in the living room? Isn’t it incredible?

    Peacock is a majestic creature and the king of the bird kingdom, coming with the most impressive feathers. Its amazing colors of feathers have been an inspiration for any kind of human activities especially in the world of design. Not only fashion designers but also home designers are inspired by the majestic of peacock colors in designing.

    As we have told you, today’s’ designs are free and unlimited, bringing the peacock design into the home interiors. In this case, a few peacock decors such as paintings, sculptures, pillows, curtains, carpets and etc. would be the focal points of the living room.

    Now let’s find more about peacock décor for the living room in the following review sections.

    Wall Display

    Peacock Wall Display

    Elephant Stock via Pinterest

    The first thing to get started adding peacock décor in the living room is to determine the wall display. Capture the impressive beauty of the peacock on a painting framed in such a way to fit the wall scheme. Display the painting on one of the living room walls. Typically, most homeowners place the painting on the wall behind the sofas. This way, the painting would be the best background of your seating where you usually sit with the guests or visitors.

    This peacock painting will be the focal point of the living room. To add the room with other beauty reiteration, you can purchase and place the area rugs, furniture, or lighting fixtures to create wonderful blue and green nuances in the room décor.

    Consider choosing the suitable peacock color scheme so that you can have a perfect peacock décor for the living room. For example, if you have painted the walls with a soft color, you can later choose the blue-green peacock.

    Peacock Painting or Photo

    Peacock Décor For Living Room

    Pier 1 via Pinterest

    Brighten up the living room spaces with the peacock painting or photo like you do for the kitchen and dining area. This idea is aimed to coordinate the wall décor with the greenery just outside the window.

    Like in an apartment, in some home design today, the living room is set out not too far with the dining area. Even both the living room and the dining are closed. This is the time when you can add a sense of familiarity and comfort to both rooms by adding symmetry peacock painting or photo. Locate the table in the center of the rug matching the chairs along with two armchairs at the ends of the room and two framed peacock photos aligned with the lighting fixtures.

    Stunning Peacock Over Victorian Living Room

    The next idea you can try is using the stunning peacock which matches your Victorian living room. This way, you can create a chic and feminine look to make your living room looks so stylish, bright, and cheerful. The victorian living room presents the details by adding the peacock characters to complete the décor. Well, it is just one of the examples of how to come with the beautiful peacock mural in a living room. Isn’t this very inspiring? Why don’t you try to apply it no to your living room? It will absolutely show your personality, especially how you feel about nature that is the beauty of a peacock.

    Peacock Character for Metal Door Handles

    Is there any peacock character for metal door handles? Why not? For those who admire peacock, many different designs of peacock characters are available even for the metal door handles. Though they might look unusual, they can add a sense of peacock into space. In fact, many kinds of furniture pieces provide the hardware of peacock characters such as storage handles, bookcase handles and etc. You can definitely pick them up as special things to complete your peacock décor for the living room.

    Decorative Objects

    Even when you have to hold your birthday party, peacock decorations are there to make all complete. There are lots of peacock decorations for a party you can choose from there. There are many decorative objects dealing with the peacock character to choose to complete the living room peacock design.

    One of the decorative objects includes the carved candle represented the peacock’s tail. Its mesmerizing pattern and coloring style can actually be the most impressive view represented by the objects for a variety of living room décors and settings. These carved candles representing the peacock tails come with the yellow, green and black colors, creating the best look of a unique handmade thing.

    Some other decorative objects dealing with the peacock character are peacock throw pillows and covers, peacock window curtains, peacock decorative vase, peacock wall clock, peacock wall lamps, peacock sculptural desk lamp, and peacock-themed bookends as well as many other peacock decorative objects.

    All of those peacock decorative objects can be mostly added to the living room to cheer the room up with the peacock character. Where can we easily find these objects? Well, there are a number of stores selling such objects including the souvenir shops, unique things shop, home decorations shop and other stores either online or the real market out there. Just make sure you are able to make your dream of having peacock décor for the living room come true by adding the objects.


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