Greek girl names that start with C

Greek Girl Names C Cat: Pure · Cay: Pure · Cin: Reddish-brown; Little Cinders; Coe: Victory of the People · Cyd: A Public Hill · Cait: Pure.

Greek names starting with C. Including comments and the meaning of the name. alphabet Boys names Girl names Greek name begins with `C` More options.

Most Popular Greek Girl Names starting with C · Chloe · Caitlin · Casey · Crystal · Catherine · Christina · Cynthia · Cindy.

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Of Greek origin, Chloe is another. Read More · Charlotte. Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles and the name of many Queens in history, including the wife of King.

There are plenty of Greek names starting with the letter C for baby girl. The huge collection present makes your finding easy.

A list of names in which the first letter is C. CADMUS m Greek Mythology (Latinized) Latinized form. It also coincides with the Irish word cailín meaning “girl”.