Irish girls names beginning with M

Irish Girl Names M – Mab: Joy; Happiness; Lovable; Baby; May: To Increase; Kinswomen; Mother; Meg: Love; Pearl; Great and Mighty.

Mairéad – The Irish form of Margaret. It means “pearl”. Muireann / Miren / Moirin – This name means “sea white, sea fair”. In Irish mythology, this was the name of a sixth-century mermaid caught by a fisherman in Lough Neagh. Madbh / Meadhbh / Maeve – All pronounced the same. It means “she who intoxicates”.

There are many, who may like to name their baby girl starting with the letter M. Go through the huge list of Irish names comprising of names and meanings.

Irish Girl’s Names Macha -Sorcha. Macha. Say mock-ah. Maebh. Maeve | Say: mave. Máire. Mary, Maura, Moira | Say: maw-rah. Maoliosa. Melissa | Say: male-eessa. Muadnait. Mona, Monica | Say: Mwa-naht. Múireann. Say: mwir-in. Neasa. Nessa | Say: nessa. Niamh. Neve | Say: neve.

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Irish Baby Names Dictionary Letter M – Mab Mabbina Macha Mada Madailein Maeve Maible Maighdlin Maille Mailsi Maire Mairead – Maurya Mayra Meadhbh Mearr.

The popularity of Irish names has been on the rise. Using our baby name database you can find each Irish name meaning and origin. A.

A guide to Irish female names starting with the letters N to U, including a Celtic baby. I’m thinking here of Siobhán, Sinéad, Síle and Saoirse, each one a lovely.