Choosing the Best Japanese Boy Names

The joy of being parents and welcoming the new bundle of happiness into your family comes with a responsibility to decide a good name for the baby. As time progresses and the world shifts into a more modern place to be, a lot of parents desire to pick creative and unique names for their children. One of the trends of picking children’s names is to adopt a name from another culture. If you are interested in picking Japanese-inspired names for your newborn, this list of Japanese boy names below might be able to help you with the task by providing some ideas.

Japanese Boy Names List

Since a long time ago, Japanese people are known to always emphasize characters and meanings used in names. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about whether these names are meaningful enough to be given to your beloved children and try to pick your favorite one from the list.

Japanese boy names that start with T

Japanese boy names meaning fire

Japanese boy names meaning dark

Japanese boy names that start with A

Japanese boy names that start with M

Japanese boy names meaning light

Japanese boy names that start with K

Japanese boy names that start with S

Warrior names in japanese

Choosing Japanese boy names is especially popular for couples who are in intercultural relationships. Therefore, they want to search a name that won’t be so foreign for non-Japanese people to pronounce, but also somewhat familiar with their Asian ears. As additional information, Japanese names are commonly written in kanji characters, but it is not impossible to find hiragana or katakana-written names, especially for names that aren’t originated from the Japanese word.

Some parents spend months looking for the perfect name for their newborn, while some easily settle into a name that sticks well. You may take your time as necessary to find the best name for your newborn and explore for inspiration, such as by skimming the Japanese boy names list above. Whether you want something that sounds modern, classic, or distinctive, there is a huge chance you will find at least one name that piques your interest then discuss it with your partner if it will make a good choice for the child.