Japanese girl names meaning dark

  • Ahmya means Black rain
  • Amaya means Night rain
  • Kaida or Kayda means Little dragon
  • Katsuki means Moon
  • Kohaku means Amber
  • Mari means Rebellion
  • Mika means The new moon
  • Nariko means Thunder Child
  • Rin means A cold, but dignified, person
  • Sayoko means Evening child
  • Sunako means Dark side
  • Tatsuo means Female dragon
  • Tsukiko means Moonchild
  • Usagi means Moon
  • Yoru means Dark

Japanese girls’ names. Did you know that Haruko means “spring child” and Harumi means “spring beauty”? Japanese names female dark

Hashtag: #japanese #names #female & Japanese names female. Japanese names female meaning. Dark Japanese names. – #Dark #Japanese #japonaise. Japanese girl names #Baby #baby names #Girl #japanese #names #Showers. Baby Names Girl Country Ideas For Japanese Names And Meanings, Names With. (yami) means darkness and is often combined with the former to make 暗闇 (kurayami) meaning deep darkness. Someone with dark skin is known as 黒っぽい.

A list of submitted names in which the usage is Japanese. Date, rendezvous”, 彩 (ai) meaning “color”, 曖 (ai) meaning “dark, not clear”, 亜 or 亞 (a) meaning. Here are ideas for unique and popular Japanese names for girls to consider. Your baby girl deserves a beautiful name as pretty as she will be. Choosing a baby.

Beautiful Japanese Baby Names. Ahma: It’s a super-rare Japanese girl name (only 8 total Ahma’s born 1980-2018) with a boho-chic meaning: “black rain.”.