Pet names for boyfriend in French

French Terms Of Endearment TO SAY to MEN or BOYS. Here are a few pet names you can call your boyfriend or husband but also your son’s.

Now that’s something you wouldn’t call someone in English, but in French, it’s a sweet yet silly nickname. French nicknames for men, women.

When it comes to cute and romantic French terms of endearment, the French. Pick from this list of pet names you can call the men, women, and children you love. Unsure why your partner has just called you a cabbage?

Amour (U) ‒ love, actually. Baby (U) ‒ Easy word, right? – Bébé (U) ‒ Baby, now you know how to tell your boyfriend about the happy occasion… – Bébé d’Amour.

Funny, sweet, and romantic French nicknames for your loved one. French is the language of love, so you know that French pet names and On the other hand, if you say “mon mec“, that is a nickname for “my guy”, as in “my boyfriend”.

A non-exhaustive list of French pet names for lovers. The terms are rather flexible: you can add a diminutive (mon petit chat, mon chaton.

French Love Nicknames Used to Speak to Men and Women Mon amour – my love Mon ange – my angel Mon trésor – my treasure Mon.

French terms of endearment for lovers, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and anything in between! Let’s get you the right pet name.

Mon Amour – My Love – Mon Nounours – My teddy bear – Ma Louloute – My honey pie – Mon Petite Chou Chou – Literal translation is “My little cabbage”.