Pet names for boyfriend in German

Schatz is the most common German term of endearment, according to surveys. Couples all over the country call each other this pet name or one of its many cute.

Schatz (chats) – Schatz means darling or my treasure in Germany. Hasi (hazy) – Hasi means hare or rabbit.

These are all pretty common: Schatz (precious), Süßer (sweetie), Herzblatt (heartleaf), Maus (mouse), Hase (rabbit), Liebling (darling), Liebster (most beloved).

Liebling (darling), engel (angel), honigbiene (honeybee)—German has a number of terms of endearment to call those close to your heart. But because it also likes.

German Pet Names for your Boyfriend — German Pet Names for your Boyfriend. Bär / Bärchen “Bear” or “little bear”. When you have a big.

A very affectionate term for a loved one or romantic partner. “Sweetie” is also Incidentally, I once had the following exchange with a German friend: Like the Spanish use amor, Italians use amore as a cute romantic nickname. You can.

Germans often use animal names such as Hasi and Maus as terms of endearment for loved ones, according to popular German magazines.

How can you speak of love in German? Here are the right words to describe your feelings and pet names that German couples might use for.

Germans are no exception to this and so they have their own special names. Whether it be a mother to son, father to daughter, girlfriend to boyfriend, or husband to wife. For some reason, many German pet names revolve around animals.