Pet names for boyfriend in Korean

Sweet Korean Terms of Endearment That K-Dramas Taught Us. Aein – “Sweetheart” / “Lover” Jagi – “Honey” / “Darling” Oppa – An older brother to a younger woman. Nae sarang – “My love” Yeobo – “Darling” / “Honey” (for married couples) Naekkeo – “Mine” Yeojachingu – “Girlfriend” Namjachingu – “Boyfriend”.

Click here to learn the Korean equivalent for adorable pet names like Picking up your partner’s native language is a super romantic gesture—not to mention.

What cute nickname will you call your lover? Looking for cute nicknames for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or kids? Ways to use these Korean pet names.

You can hear these terms used all throughout Korean dramas and Kpop songs if you watch/listen to them. We do have a few nicknames for each other. “Baby girl” (Aaliyah for a girl who whines. 남자친구 (남친) (nam-ja-chin-gu) = Boyfriend.

In Cantonese, you can also use pet names like 傻豬 “silly pig”. If you want to call your partner “my love” in Korean, you’d use 내 사랑.

Korean Nicknames For Boyfriend – Aein – “Sweetheart” / “Lover” – Jagi – “Honey” / “Darling” – Nae sarang – “My Love” – Yeobo – “Husband.

What pet names and terms of endearment do people usually use in Korea? There are English subtitles.

In a drama I’ve watched, the girl’s name was 서지민 (Seo Ji Min) and her. Can someone make a cute nickname for my best friend? So depending on the geographic location in which your bf most identifies with, choose one and go with it.

Would boyfriends call each other 형 still or is there something else? Remember that 오빠 or 누나 are not just pet names, they are names you would use for.