The Best Ideas of Safari Décor for Living Room with Q&A

    Have you ever thought to apply Safari décor for the living room at your home? If not, now you must be lucky to find our page sharing with you the best ideas on how to decorate your living room with safari décor.

    The living room is the front part of the house functioning to welcome people and let them feel amazed at your home.

    Now if you want to offer the guests or anyone who comes with the best view in the living room while you love safari very much, well, we’ve got you covered.

    This article will show you the ideas dealing with the safari décor you can apply for your living room.

    Why Safari Décor?

    The first question you may have on your mind is why safari décor. Well, it starts with the safari theme that will create an exotic look over your living room through the colors, textures, and wood grains of the African landscape along with the animal patterns. This will make anyone excited and feel the joy like it was in the safari land.

    Safari décor also represents your personality of loving nature especially animals, one of the being exist in the world. This is how to show people that you also invite others to love animals, too.

    Paint Colors

    natural colors that represent the world of safari

    Behr Paint via Flickr

    Paint colors are the first crucial element to consider starting decorating the living room with a safari theme. Choose the natural colors that represent the world of safari, from its land to animals to fit the base for your safari decorating theme. Brown, beige, and dark gray are the natural colors you can choose for the walls. This way you must avoid pastels or bold colors since they do not match the safari theme.

    All you need to do is to create a focal point in the room by adding the wall with an accent. Firstly, opt for a wall without windows or doors and paint it darker than the other wall. Later, take the lighter colors for the other walls. When you pick up brown, start with the dark brown and continue with the lighter brown. These wall paint colors will be the base of your Safari décor for the living room.


    The second crucial element to creating a safari theme for the living room is the furniture. Furniture includes sofas, tables, wall-mounted rack, and others. To add the living room with the safari-themed furniture, choose ones in neutral colors but in a lighter or darker shade than the walls. For example, you can choose a brown couch with beige walls or a tan couch with brown walls. This will make the furniture stands out.

    To complete a safari theme of your living room, one idea you can apply is to select the furniture consisting of the rustic bamboo, brown leather, and dark wood grains appearance. Avoid collecting too big furniture. Instead, one or two small furniture items with an animal print pattern, for instance, a zebra print ottoman.

    Wall Art with Safari Theme

    Wall Art with Safari Theme

    Cynthia Miller via Pinterest

    Other ideas to create Safari décor for the living room, wall art with safari theme can be a perfect idea. Most people who love the safari theme hang a multitude of pictures to add an eye-catching art display on the accent wall. This way, the pictures are framed by the dark wood or bamboo frames, creating an African landscape view.

    Some assorted wood carvings and African tribal masks on the walls can also be displayed along with the large mirror hanging on the walls particularly above the couch with an ornate bamboo frame. Well, this is just an idea that will spring up your mind about Safari wall décor for the living room. You can either copy this idea to apply for your living room or find other similar ideas for more inspiration.

    Decorative Accents

    living room safari theme

    Michelle Rolle via Pinterest

    Don’t forget that decorative accents must also be taken into consideration dealing with the ideas of Safari décor for the living room. Decorative accents will actually complete the living room safari theme along with the inclusion of a variety of décor pieces and safari accent. This way, you can display a few items of wooden animal statues such as giraffes, zebras, elephants, and other animal statues on the windowsills and tables. To add you with more inspiration, you can also put tall African-inspired vases that add the details of painted safari landscape. Add the branches to fill the vase and place it around the room.

    One of the other safari decorating ideas for the living room is some woven baskets filled with tall green reeds and other leafy foliage to add greenery to the space of the living room. Don’t forget that natural colors are more recommended in choosing any items dealing with the safari theme. You don’t have to always select brown. Instead, you can choose green and orange for other options suiting with the decorative items you select.

    What Should I Do To Start with Safari Décor For Living Room?

    Thanks for questioning us which means that you are eager enough to try Safari décor for the living room. To start with the ideas, firstly you must choose the right paint for the walls of the living room. Later, continue with choosing the natural color to paint the wall and pick up some wall art to apply on. Furnish the living room with the safari-themed furniture and decorative object so that you can have a living room that is fully designed with safari décor.

    Question and Answer

    Where can I buy the safari decorative objects?

    Souvenirs shop at Safari land or zoo, online shops.

    Can I add safari wall art in all the walls in the living room?

    No, you cannot because it will make the room looks too crowded.

    Can I include the big furniture in the living room?

    No, you cannot. It makes the room a bit narrower.

    What kinds of paint colors should I choose for the walls of the living room?

    Natural colors.

    Do pastels and bold colors match safari theme?

    No, they do not. They do not represent safari life.


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